Pearl Dental Laboratory Ltd. - A full service laboratory.

"Our commitment is to make you feel comfortable with your laboratory services by providing you quality, preciseness, punctuality, technical development and communication."

Welcome to the homepage of Pearl Dental Laboratory Ltd.!

Thank you for your interest in Our Service. We are pleased to introduce our Laboratory to you.
Pearl Dental Laboratory Ltd. is a visionary dental laboratory, in Hungary - in the heart of Europe.

"Pearl Dental Laboratory - Gyöngy-Fog Ltd." was established by Mr Lajos Fekete, Master of Dental Techniques awarded with silver wreath and his wife Mrs Fekete, A. Bodócs.

They have been helping generations of dentists with establishing, developing and expanding their practices for 30 years.

This two excellent experts' professional experience and ability to judge characters manifest itself from their career and a lot of diplomas they received after completing different courses - a lot of good connections with excellent doctors and everyday people who always appreciate their work and human nature.

Pearl Dental Laboratory has been a dental technique laboratory qualified by the German firm called BEGO since 1995.
Our team-oriented attitude offers the greatest assurance of standard quality and attention to individual dentists' needs.

Pearl Dental Laboratory Ltd. is striving to be recognized as a quality dental laboratory through its commitment to ongoing training in the newest proven technologies supported by modern equipments and innovative way of thinking.

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