Description: Price (Euro)
Bite model 12
Ceramic bridge element, crown with composite resin veneer 50
Ceramic bridge element on the implant 53
Ceramic crown from metal 40
Ceramic inlay 80
Ceramic prosthesis burnt on bio-gold 67 + material
Denture baseplate from acrylic 60
Denture baseplate on metal plate 75
Gold inlay 73 + material price 2.0 gr.
Gold metal crown 60 + material price 2.0 gr.
Light-curing individual impression tray 25
Metal free ceramic crown 93
Plastic crown temporary (up to 4 pcs) 13
Plastic crown temporary (from 5 pcs) 12
Porcelain denture 65
Primer telescope crown 53
Secondary telescopic crown with composite resin veneer 60
Temporary denture 160
ZIRKON metal free ceramic crown 160

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